How do Zerust Excor products prevent corrosion?

 1. By acting as a protective barrier from external dirt and abrasion, and also as a barrier to help block the diffusion of corrosive acid gas pollutants from outside the packaging material (such as sulphur dioxide or hydrogen sulphide) - thereby preventing contact of these corrosive gases with enclosed metal surfaces.

 2. By vapour corrosion inhibitors that passivate the electron flow between the anodic and cathodic areas on metal surfaces and interrupt the electro-chemical corrosion process.

 3. By adding water repulsion properties to the metal surface, which inhibit water from permeating the metal surface and providing the electrolyte for corrosion reactions.

How our Technology Works

The corrosion process begins when the moisture in the air is deposited on the metal surface. This moisture acts as a conductor enabling the flow of electrons between high-energy areas (cathodes) and low-energy areas (anodes) of the metal surface.  This electrochemical process then results in the visible oxidation called tarnish, corrosion or rust.

The Zerust®/Excor® packaging materials contain proprietary chemical formulations that release an invisible, odourless, and non-toxic corrosion inhibiting vapour into the air. The vapour molecules settle on exposed metal surfaces in an enclosure and interrupt the electrochemical corrosion process.

Later, when the parts are removed from the packaging, the corrosion inhibiting molecular layer immediately dissipates into the atmosphere. This leaves behind clean, dry and corrosion free metals that are ready for immediate use and require no further cleaning or handling.

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